Le Minimum Lovable Product with Marco Lanzi

Le Minimum Lovable Product with Marco Lanzi

Digital leaders sharing real-life examples of how to build digital experiences that people will love

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Product Pricing - What is a Value Proposition? | E12

July 11, 2022

In this episode, we deep dive on the Product Value Proposition why it is important for your product to have a clear value proposition. How does value proposition relate to your product price? What are some good examples of …

Real Tips for Motivating Your Startup Team | Josh Lewis CEO only cookery | E10

July 4, 2022

Josh built up several experiences in Digital Startups working in sales and other departments before starting its own venture. He is working on multiple ideas at the same time, experimenting how to innovate in traditional sec…

Which skills do you need to build a startup ? | Alessandro Lovisetto CEO - Artknit studios | E10

June 27, 2022

Alessandro gained all the experiences and skills he could get in big companies like google, rocket and investment banking to be fully equipped to build a business and launch his startup! Artknit Studio is a purpose-driven co…

What makes a Business Transformation? | Bernardo Nunes Director Transformation @Chapman Freeborn| E9

June 20, 2022

Bernardo truly believes in technology and data-driven decisions, to drive efficiency and business transformation. He has strong expertise in the supply chain that allowed him to really understand, experience, and master the …

Improve Improve customer experience with Fashion Technology | Isabelle Onhemus Founder EyeFitU | E08

June 13, 2022

Isabelle leveraged her knowledge gained in investment banking to create a solution that helps brands improve customer experience and reduce e-commerce returns. EyeFitU helps customers find the right size for the products the…

The butter against climate change | Chris Delahunty - Head Digital Benelux, Netherland, France Upfield | E7

June 6, 2022

Topics: 1. Upfield - Plant-based food leader in EU 2. Transforming: Food Supply Chain and People Mentality 3. Where can you find the butter against climate change? 4. How do you measure marketing, when you don't sell directl…